About The Seminar

ISHA-Turku welcomes you to the ISHA Autumn Seminar of 2011 It will be held from September 26th to October 2nd in Turku, Finland. The topic of the seminar is Shared Past – Conflicting Histories.  This theme is shared with the Turku Historical Association’s symposium on historical knowledge, memory and politics.

The program will be very academic. Workshops of the ISHA seminar will cover issues like gender history, history used in political populism and history of migration and minorities. The focus is on how historical events shared by many can be seen in conflicting ways. In addition to workshops, program will include six keynote speeches given by the symposium participants.

Non-academic program will contain guided tours around the City and a day trip to sites outside Turku. This year Turku is one of the two European Capitals of Culture sharing the title with Tallinn, Estonia. Cultural events and exhibitions form one part of the program. In addition to normal ISHA-parties, visitors will be shown a traditional way of feasting among finnish university students: sits.

The official invitations will be send in early July. The application period is from July 25th until August 3rd. Based on the applications 40 students will be accepted to enter the seminar.

You can contact us by email: turku.seminar.2011 (at) gmail.com

…or in Facebook through our section page … or by posting on the event’s wall.


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